Manual Techniques

Massage is relied upon heavily in human physical rehabilitation programs to increase circulation, reduce muscle spasm, relieve muscle tension, enhance muscle tone and increase range of motion. It is also extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Pets can also enjoy these benefits. That's why some level of massage therapy is integrated into each treatment, often combine with aromatherapy to help your pet relax and enjoy themselves.

Targeted stretches are used to reduce inflammation, scar tissue formation and trigger points in specific muscles. They also help maintain muscle tone and flexibility as well as, prevention of sprains and strains. Stretching after injury or surgery should be approached strategically to avoid additional pain or injury but are important steps in recovery from soft tissue injuries.

Passive range of motion (PROM) exercises are part of almost every physical rehabilitation program. The gentle flexion and extension of individual joints acts to improve joint health and range of motion. These exercises are extremely important after surgery to minimize loss of joint function.