This form helps us get to know you and your pet before your session so that we can design your pet's treatment to meet their medical needs as well as their behavioral needs. If you pet is shy or does not like their feet touched or is allergic to chicken, we want to know. These little details can help us tailor to your pet's individual needs.

This is a questionnaire that allows owners to rate the severity of their dog's pain and how it impacts their daily function. It is a useful tool to track the changes in your pet's pain over a period of time. We ask that you fill this questionnaire out ahead of your pet's first visit with us to establish a baseline for your pet prior to starting therapy. 

Although designed for use in a veterinary hospital setting, this pain score can be used by owners at home. Chronic pain in cats can be difficult to diagnose, particularly since the changes to their behavior are often subtle. Owners are usually the best individuals to notice these subtle changes to their cat's behavior. The psychological and behavioral items on this scale can be observed at home.